Welcome to Lorsch, Berke & Associates.

You have just taken an important step towards enhancing your workforce capability!

When it’s time to prepare your leaders and employees to respond to the challenges and opportunities they may face during these turbulent times, let Lorsch, Berke & Associates help.

Our focus is on building, enhancing, and maintaining workforce capability – for your organization and for the individuals in those organizations. We work together with your organizational leaders to clarify goals, map a course of action, and achieve results in critical Talent Management & Succession areas.

Do you have a Talent Management & Succession process that builds your talent pipeline? A process which can provide successors for key functions and positions in the organization when the need arises?  Succession planning includes Leadership Development, to be sure.  However, an effective succession process is so much more.

Do you have a system for Leadership Development? Your development efforts will provide greater benefit to your company and your leadership team when they are both aligned with and directly linked to the strategy and business goals of the organization: in other words, do you have the leadership talent to implement the strategy successfully and meet the  goals of your organization?  We work with you to develop a customized approach that will help your leaders to meet current and future challenges.

Do your managers know how to support the development of the people who work for them? Not all development requires a workshop or school. In fact, most learning occurs on the job – through experience.  We believe that development is about learning, not coaching.  We work with your managers so that they can facilitate  and support the learning process  through research based self-development techniques.

Does your organization know how to thrive – not just survive – during times of change? Have you had to trim your workforce in response to the pressures of the sagging economy? How prepared are you to help your survivors deal with the loss of their co-workers and the emerging dynamics of a changing workforce?

Lorsch, Berke & Associates can enable you and your workforce to better understand the physical and emotional impact of the changes you are experiencing and equip you with tools to enhance your resilience while rebuilding a sense of purpose and productivity throughout stressful times.

How are you at managing the generational differences in your workforce? With the Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y working side by side, communication breakdowns can occur.  Conflicts are likely to arise as a result of different assumptions, expectations, and needs.  If you are ready to act proactively, in     advance of such problems, we can provide you with the tools and techniques to foster understanding and harmony in your diverse, multi-generational workforce.

Do you have effective methods for onboarding younger workers (Gen Ys) and for retaining them?  Often, new hires/Gen Ys voluntarily leave within 6-12 months of entering an organization. This makes your onboarding process a key retention strategy.  We have the tools to help you embark on a healthy and productive relationship with your new hires from Day 1.

Lorsch, Berke &  Associates is ready now to partner with you in all these areas and more to enhance the capability of your workforce.